2022 in review: How Brankas cemented itself as a global Open Finance leader

Brankas Team January 27, 2023
2022 in review: How Brankas cemented itself as a global Open Finance leader

Key Highlights

Amid economic uncertainty worldwide, Brankas continued to cement itself as a global leader in Open Finance by announcing exclusive product partnerships, launching a one-of-a-kind software license, and continuing to serve the community by hosting the first accelerator program for Open Finance in this region.

Our combined efforts throughout the year also resulted in Brankas being appointed as Chair for the inaugural Open Finance Committee by the Fintech Philippines Association.

A year in review

Facts & Figures

A year in review

It was a groundbreaking year for Brankas in terms of social media following and fostering more partnerships in our ecosystem. Our partners have recognized the endless possibilities of open finance, and more clients adopted Brankas to serve their customers allowing them to build their financial use case of choice. However, the highlight goes to the staggering number of unique end users which saw a growth of 1507%, and continues to grow today.

A year in review

The Philippine government recognized head of legal Arvin Kristopher Razon as a finalist for Data Protection Officer of the year. Among applicants in various industries across the Philippines, Brankas' rigorous standards for data security, under Arvin’s leadership, stand out as a best practice across the country. It was in the same year that we had multiple officers certified under the National Privacy Council. As an organization that is at the forefront of pushing for higher security and data privacy standards, Brankas continued to be certified under PCI/DSS and ISO 27001. In 2023, Brankas intends to continue contributing and leading to Open Finance regulations globally.

Notable Partnerships

Our need to serve the community has been paramount, leading to a significant year for Brankas where we had more partners join us to push the agenda on building new financial use cases.

For example, our partnership with Visa started with us being selected as one of the top 5 startups under their accelerator program. Visa’s confidence in us led to their Series B contribution. To top it off, Brankas and Visa co launched a product and continue to work on open finance/data initiatives.

A year in review

Key Appointments

Head of Demand Generation : Yang Teo

Yang Teo is a seasoned marketer with experience in demand generation and has immediately impacted the organization by organizing events, streamlining processes and growing the team to gear us up for a great Q4 in 2022. Prior to joining Brankas, Yang led the marketing team at Horangi, a SaaS cybersecurity company, and is also a wine connoisseur in his leisure time.

Country Head, Indonesia : Husni Fuad

Joining as Country Manager of Brankas for Indonesia, Husni has more than 20 years of experience in technology and financial strategy, and has helped organizations adopt new technologies to reach markets and achieve rapid revenue growth, by bringing localized expertise in his focus market. Husni has worked in Singapore and the US, and has long been involved in fintech software, core digital banking and payment platforms.


With the pandemic easing, it was great for us to participate in trade shows across APAC that also resulted in acquisition of good partnerships. Brankas also held its own client dinners and CEO roundtables that helped identify open finance champions in various regions and establish crucial relationships with them. As we approach 2023, serving the ecosystem further continues to be important for us. Check out our event recap video here.

A year in review

Product Developments

Our offerings have continued to allow us to stand out from our competitors, and 2022 was no different with the release of six new products. In 2023, we continue to serve the unbanked and underbanked to provide financial inclusion to the unbanked/underbanked population, and is always a key motivator in structuring our products. Check our complete set of products here!

A year in review

We want to thank all our partners, clients, regulatory institutions, and everyone who have been involved in the advocacy of open finance and look forward to your continued support. Let’s all have an amazing 2023 year ahead!

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