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One Step Ahead Financial Advisory with Banking Integration

Brankas Team April 08, 2021
One Step Ahead Financial Advisory with Banking Integration

JAKARTA - ALIA, the first personal financial management platform in Indonesia, has partnered with Brankas  for banking integration. Brankas’ API suite enables fintech platforms like ALIA to generate tailor-made financial recommendations based on transactional data from banks. 

ALIA aims to help millennials and gen-Z in Indonesia to make better financial decisions. Making up 63.5 million of Indonesia’s population, most millennials aged 21 to 36 overspend by 10-20%. Moreover, only 35% of them are able to save for housing. Therefore, ALIA empowers them to manage budgets, track spending transactions, plan their savings, and even receive personalized tips on a single platform. ALIA offers Financial awareness by managing their users’ assets from a day-to-day perspective, as well as their future.

Individuals can get personalised financial recommendations on how to save better from their daily transactions. Brankas gladly supports ALIA by providing a statement retrieval API to integrate with major local banks. 

While ensuring ease of use banking integration on one hand, together with Brankas, Alia also ensures users’ privacy and security with bank-level security and security pins. 

We are very happy with our partnership with Brankas. Their APIs enable us to help our customers to understand their financial overview better. They also have been very open to new product suggestions. As we are always looking for more features to help our users to make better financial choices, Brankas will continue to have a very important supporting role in our innovation. ” states Nadia Amalia, CEO of Alia.

About Alia

Alia is a personal financial management platform that helps you to automate the financial decision process from tracking your wealth to guiding you to make better financial decisions. ALIA was founded by Nadia Amalia, a Master of Finance graduate from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), who has taught financial literacy to more than 30,000 people in Indonesia. Nadia is also supported by Fransisca Susan, as a Lead Engineer who is pursuing a doctorate in artificial intelligence at MIT and Nadia Fadhila, as a COO and designer who has designed No.1 LINE stickers in Indonesia.

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