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Introducing Brankas Direct: Simplifying Bank-to-Bank Payments

Luis Ereneta May 15, 2020
Introducing Brankas Direct: Simplifying Bank-to-Bank Payments

Whether you work for a Fortune 500 or run your own start-up, working from home over the last two months created a new reality where most transactions have to be done remotely via an app or website. This dramatic change in customer behavior demands a better way for customers to make payments online. In Southeast Asia, receiving payments via direct bank transfers is the preferred method, however, doing so is a cumbersome process.

Enter Brankas Direct. Direct was built to simplify bank-to-bank payments and support a frictionless customer experience. Any situation where your customers need to send payments, Direct makes this as easy as ABC.

Direct enables your customers to make instant online payments without leaving your website or app. These payment transfers are done directly from their bank account to yours in a seamless manner, without having to manually enter sensitive information such as account numbers, identity data, or reference details. More importantly, initiating payments this way is secure and significantly less expensive than other methods. All this ultimately increases conversion, sales, and makes for a good customer experience.

Whether you’re an eCommerce business, digital wallet, or lending company, Direct is an easy way for customers to pay for purchases, do account top-ups, and move funds to and from any account or business – all in real-time.

Compelling reasons to use Brankas Direct

  • Direct and Real-time. Use our simple API to initiate direct bank transfer payments without passing through intermediaries.
  • Pull” Enablement. Brankas Direct empowers your users to link their bank and “pull” funds from their account, all from within your app or checkout screen.
  • Single Integration. Your customers have access to our growing network of banks in Southeast Asia.
  • Easy Reconciliation. Status updates and accounting system integrations for easy reconciliation.
  • Always Secure. Transactions are encrypted end-to-end and compliant with local data privacy and regulatory requirements.

How It Works

  1. Link Bank Account: User selects debiting bank account and confirms payment
  2. Authentication and Consent: Customer authenticates using their online/mobile banking credentials in Brankas’ secure environment.
  3. Confirmation: Brankas provides payment confirmation details and transaction status is immediately available on the merchant dashboard.

Let’s Get Started

With Brankas, it’s free to get started and integrate with our APIs. Your first 100 transactions per month are always free. Building with us is easy and we make it affordable for your business to scale.

Create a Brankas account and try Direct today.

Contact our Sales team and let’s talk about what you want to build.

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