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Brankas Recognised as a Global Inclusive Fintech Leader

Brankas Team November 10, 2021
Brankas Recognised as a Global Inclusive Fintech Leader

Brankas Recognised as a Global Inclusive Fintech Leader

Brankas is proud to announce that we have been selected as part of Inclusive Fintech 50 ’s 2021 cohort, an annual competition to identify 50 top technology startups committed to drive financial inclusion and resilience. Brankas was chosen out of hundreds of applicants around the world for driving innovation for underbanked, underserved customers, especially in emerging markets.

In 2021, Inclusive Fintech 50 sought to recognise financial technology companies helping low-income customers and micro and small enterprises to rebound, rebuild, and recover from the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact. The expert judges included a diverse group of independent fintech experts and investors representing all regions of the world. The competition’s global sponsors are Visa, MetLife Foundation, and Jersey Overseas Aid & Comic Relief, and its supporting partners are Accion and IFC.

Since 2016, Brankas has laid the foundation for open finance in Southeast Asia. Founders Todd Schweitzer and Kenneth Shaw have developed groundbreaking partnerships with financial institutions and fintech firms to create new digital experiences for the end consumers. As the region’s leading Open Finance technology provider, Brankas provides API-based solutions, data and payments solutions for financial service providers (like banks, lenders and e-wallets) and online businesses. Brankas partners with banks to build and manage their Open Finance infrastructure, producing APIs for real-time payments, identity and data, new account opening, remittances, and more.

“At Brankas, our vision is to make modern financial services available to everyone, and we see too many Southeast Asian businesses struggle to access affordable, reliable, and high-tech online merchant solutions. In SEA’s emerging economies, only around 50% of adults have bank accounts. Larger financial institutions often see the mass market as unprofitable and not worth the fuss. Open Finance is changing the economics of serving these mass consumer and SME segments and enabling a new set of fintech products to meet their needs,” said Brankas CEO, Todd Schweitzer.

Moving forward, Brankas is looking to expand its use cases and presence across Asia Pacific. Learn more about Brankas and how we can help technology companies build better financial experiences.

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