Unlock Open Finance with Brankas Bank Statement Data

Brankas Team December 07, 2021
Unlock Open Finance with Brankas Bank Statement Data

Facilitate financial services such as credit scoring and automate reconciliation with Brankas Statement. Statement enables users to share their financial data up to 12 months of transaction history in seconds, securely with SSL encryption. 

For a limited time only, receive USD 10,000 worth of credits or an equivalent of 40,000 statement retrievals when you go live any time before 31st January 2022.

Instant access to Bank Statement Data

Conveniently retrieve transactional data for retail and corporate bank accounts within seconds.

  • Users can quickly share their bank statement data at their convenience and consent
  • Up to 6 months worth of statement data 
  • Integrate directly via API or the dashboard ‘Static Link’ feature


  1. Sign up for a Brankas account before 14 January 2022
  2. Experience our Statement product directly on our platform in our Sandbox environment by entering sample details and bank accounts.
  3. When you’re ready to transact in live mode, reach out to our team at and go live before 31 January 2022
  4. A minimum of 500 statement retrievals is required to receive USD 5,000* credits.

Get additional USD 5,000 credit when you transact 500 with Direct and Disburse.

Terms and conditions

  • This Promotion is valid only for retail Statement retrievals for the Statement Product (“Eligible Service”). 
  • This Promotion is open to new or existing customers incorporated and/or having active operations in Indonesia and/or the Philippines (“Eligible Customers”).
  • To qualify for this Promotion (“Qualified Customers”), Eligible Customers must successfully complete a minimum of 500 statement retrievals for an Eligible Service, from unique accounts of their end users within 60 days of going live with this Promotion (“Live Date”).
  • The Offer is valid until June 30, 2022.
  • To qualify for Additional Credit, Qualified Customers must complete an aggregate minimum of 500 transactions using Direct or Disburse within 60 days after Live Date. 
  • Credit is not convertible or withdrawable in cash equivalent. 
  • The terms and conditions for this promotion may change from time to time without prior notice.
  • If Brankas varies, modifies or amends the Terms and Conditions of this Promotion, Brankas will give due notice, as required by applicable law and using available communication channels. Further, this Promotion is subject to the Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and applicable agreements for Customers of Brankas. 
  • Brankas reserves the right to suspend or exclude a customer from this Promo, withdraw or refuse the crediting of the credit if the customer has in any way breached this Promotion’s Terms and Conditions or in Brankas’ determination, the customer is facilitating transactions in manner inconsistent with the intent of this Promotion or the purpose/s for which Brankas’ products and services are meant to be used. 
  • Qualified Customers will be responsible for whatever tax implications or liability that may arise out of the use of the Credit or Brankas’ products and services. 
  • Additional referral bonus available, please reach to find out more.

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